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Most people reach for the phone to call a locksmith if they can’t access their home or vehicle. While it’s great to have that type of one-on-one locksmith service, sometimes commercial businesses have lock or key needs as well. Locksmith Jacksonville has become a top commercial locksmith in Jacksonville, FL.

Business Security Is Our Specialty

“Commercial locksmith service” refers to service aimed at businesses with high capacity, such as banks, restaurants, and stores. Having clients and customers locked out of your business for any length of time can mean the loss of significant amounts of money. It also places physical and emotional stress on you, the owner, if you try to repair the problem yourself. Instead, call Locksmith Jacksonville. Our technicians are 100% certified and trained to work with all types of commercial businesses. We are based in Jacksonville proper but also serve several outside areas such as MacGregor or Neptune Beach.

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As a well-rounded commercial locksmith of Jacksonville, FL, Locksmith Jacksonville can solve any key repair, key replacement, or lockout issue. Our company employs several expert locksmiths who are well-versed in master key systems, electronic keys, keyless entry, and panic bars. Locksmith Jacksonville will also install any of these systems at your place of business at minimal charge and in an efficient time span.

If you have given a commercial key to someone who has breached your trust, don’t worry. Locksmith Jacksonville can quickly and efficiently change your locks and replace your keys to prevent unwelcome visitors. If your business is small or remote, Locksmith Jacksonville can use its GPS capabilities to locate and help you as soon as possible. Should locks or keys need to be repaired, replaced, or changed more than once, feel free to call again. Locksmith Jacksonville is dedicated to all our clients and more than willing to serve.

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